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Natural Toys and Chews for Guinea Pigs

Natural Toys and Chews for Guinea Pigs

...They're awesome because 1. They're safe. 2. They're fun. 3. They're actually healthy, too. Many of our toys are handmade and organic, totally free of chemicals, pesticides, preservatives, paints, and dyes. Your cavy approves. (And so do we.)

Too many guinea pig toys contain harmful chemicals, pesticides, and icky stuff that’s no good for your little. We can’t sacrifice our cavy’s fun and enrichment just because these toys are potentially harmful. That’s no good for anyone. There’s good news, though, pet parents… we hand select all of our toys and make sure they’re made out of the very best things. We don’t support the use of artificial dyes, pesticides, harmful chemicals, or other bad stuff in our toys (or in any of our guinea pig supplies, for that matter).

Why Guinea Pigs Need Toys

Toys aren’t just for fun, they’re a requirement for all small animals. Toys provide an opportunity for these little guys and gals to act out their natural instincts. Digging, chewing, tossing… what’s better than that? Without this enrichment, guinea pigs have no way to channel their wild side.

So what are these natural guinea pig toys? Take a look at some of our favorites.

Our Favorite Guinea Pig Toys 

It’s impossible to list all toy options for your piggy because just like hoomans, they’re all different. A little variety is a huge thing for the pigs. No one likes boring. 

You might have to experiment a bit to figure out which toys your cavy likes best. Toys aren’t “one size fits all.” Some may be a total hit for your pet and an absolute dud for others.

How Guinea Pigs Play

Did you know that a guinea pigs’ natural activity is 75% foraging? Have you noticed that your cavy scratches the ground, tries to jump on things, chews the sides of his cage or his toys, and tosses basically everything around? This is all natural behavior, and it’s how guinea pigs play. Without toys, it’s much harder for your guinea pig to channel their natural instincts, which is part of their well being. A really important part.

Why Choose Natural  Guinea Pig Toys

We can’t stress this enough: please choose natural toys for your guinea pig; they’re going to be spending a lot of time with them. Toys that are made with natural materials, like Timothy hay, can actually aid in their diet, too. (Winning.) This is why Small Pet Select puts attention and care into every toy we offer. Say NO to glues, plastics, pesticides, dyes, preservatives, and paint. And say YES PLEASE to safe and fun guinea pig supplies.



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