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Willow Chew Ring

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  • A classic toy, these Chew Rings are are made entirely from unpeeled willow. The outside diameter of the ring is about 3"; the willow itself is about 1" thick. For those of you whose bunny is a willow purist, this should be ideal. FYI - these seem to be GREAT FUN to toss! 


    from Gabriela R. -
    "Thank you guys so much for the great service and fast shipping! My 5 guinea piggies absolutely love your hay. It's their favorite kind, they won't eat any other brand.  The piggies also really liked the papaya treats! They keep begging for more every time I give them some. So they are most definitely hooked on both the hay and the treats. For the herbal mix, my piggies were kind of hesitant at first, but after they tasted it, they ate it all!  I'll definitely be trying some of your other herbal mixes. One of my boys is very wild and I gave him the Zen Tranquility herbal blend and I feel like it helped him chill and relax for a bit. They had fun with the toy as well, I think I need to get two more for my other piggies. They like carrying it around and chewing on it. "

    Outside Diameter = 3 inches
    Shipping Weight: 6 oz


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