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Rye Ring

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Product Details: 

  • Small Pet Select's Rye Ring toy is made from natural rye grass, providing a super safe and engaging experience for small pet’s
  • Promotes dental health by encouraging gnawing and chewing, helping to wear down your pet’s teeth and prevent overgrowth
  • Excellent toy to provide mental stimulation and enrichment as small pets can explore and manipulate the rye ring, satisfying their natural instinct to forage and play
  • Made and crafted by hand in the USA (completely without the use of pesticides) and twisted into a ring shape for your pets to enjoy

We recommend this product for: 

We recommend this product for rabbits and guinea pigs


Introducing the Small Pet Select Rye Ring Toy, a natural and engaging accessory designed to provide hours of entertainment and promote dental health for your small pet.

Crafted from 100% all-natural rye grass, this ring toy offers a safe and eco-friendly chewing experience. Small pets, such as rabbits and guinea pigs, will delight in sinking their teeth into this irresistible toy.

Beyond dental care, this rye ring toy provides mental stimulation and enrichment. Small pets have an innate instinct to forage and play, and this toy satisfies that need. As they explore and manipulate the ring, they will experience a sense of fulfillment and engage their minds, preventing boredom and promoting a happy, active lifestyle.

Bring joy and well-being to your small pet's life with the Small Pet Select's Rye Ring. It's the perfect addition to their habitat, providing entertainment, exercise, and promoting excellent dental health. Give your furry friend the gift of playtime and watch as they explore, chew, and thrive!

Want to learn more about how we make our healthy and totally organic chew toys by hand? Check out this video!


  • 100% all-natural rye grass

Sourcing Location:

United States

Storage and Expiration Info:

Store in a dry place

Dimensions and Weight:

Each ring is about 3” across

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