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Hay for Chinchillas

Hay for Chinchillas

...It's the most important part of their diet. Really. It's #1. Not sure which hay is best for your chinchilla? Check here. 

Selecting Quality Chinchilla Hay

While there’s no such thing as a specific “chinchilla hay” (all of our small animal hay is perfect for many companions), chins deserve the right hay for them.Chinchillas and hay go together like peanut butter and jelly, and whether you choose Timothy hay or one of our other delicious types of hay for your friend’s home, you’ll know you’re getting the freshest, best-quality hay available online. 

Let’s learn more about the many different types of hay for chinchillas.

Timothy Hay

Forchinchillas, hay is their food, bedding, and entertainment source… so make it good! Our Timothy hay is as good as it gets. There are three main types of Timothy hay: 1st cutting, 2nd cutting, and 3rd cutting.

  • 1st cutting Timothy hay is high in stem, low in leaf, high in fiber, and low in protein and fat. This makes it the perfect hay for chinchillas that need to lose a little pooch or chinchillas who have GI issues. 
  • 2nd cutting Timothy hay is the perfect balance for yourchinchilla. Hay that is both flexible in stem and leaf is great for their digestive systems and 2nd cutting Timothy hay has the perfect amount of fiber, protein, and fat. It’s really the gold standard.
  • 3rd cutting Timothy hay is very soft, very green, and high in leaf. This means it has lower levels of fiber but is high in protein and fat. It’s great for chins that need to gain a little weight. 

Orchard Hay

Orchard hay is a delicious treat for your chinchilla. Like 2nd cutting Timothy hay, it has the standard levels of fiber, protein, and fat, but it’s a softer, sweeter treat hay. It’s a great hay for chins that might have sensitivities to Timothy hay, as well. 

Alfalfa Hay

Do you have a babychinchilla? Alfalfa is a delicious choice for young chinchillas (1 year or less) or as a treat hay for adult chins. It has high levels of fiber, protein, and fat, and is also very rich and dense. Your chinchilla is sure to munch it up. It’s also great for nursing chins.

Oat Hay

Oat hay is another delicious treat hay to feed your chinchilla. It’s high in fiber, protein, and fat and is yellowish in color. Our oat hay even has some of the oat still attached, making it even more delicious.

Why Chinchillas Need Great Hay

It’s true… hay isn’t just for horses. Small animals (like chinchillas) have sensitive stomachs and digestive systems, and hay is the superfood they need to live a healthy and happy life. Even if your chinchilla eats pellets, hay helps supplement the essential fiber they need. Yourchinchilla and hay: a match made in heaven.

Not sure which hay is right for your chinchilla? Try our Sampler Hay Box. You’ll receive four different types of delicious hay for your chinchilla. They’re sure to find a hay they love with this convenient sampler pack. Enjoy, ya’ll!


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