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Rye Twists

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Product Details: 

  • Made from premium quality rye, these twists provide a satisfying and crunchy texture that will keep your furry friends engaged and entertained.
  • Rye Twists are a great way to promote dental health by helping to wear down your pet's teeth and prevent overgrowth.
  • Grown and made by hand on a small organic farm in Virginia with your furry friend in mind every step of the way
  • The perfect way to provide positive mental stimulation with all-natural and healthy ingredients

We recommend this product for: 

We recommend this product for rabbits, guinea pigs, chinchillas, and other small pets.


Handcrafted with love on a farm nestled in the picturesque landscapes of Virginia, this all-natural toy is the perfect choice for conscientious pet owners.

Crafted from premium quality rye, every twist is meticulously shaped by skilled artisans, ensuring a unique and durable toy that will stand up to hours of playtime. As your pets nibble and explore the twists, the natural fibers of the rye provide a satisfying and engaging texture, fulfilling their instinctual need to chew and gnaw.

Treat your furry friends to the joy of play with this all-natural, handcrafted delight. Small Pet Select Rye Twists are the perfect blend of entertainment, sustainability, and love for your pets. Let them experience the pure joy of a toy made with passion and devotion.


  • 100% all natural rye

Sourcing Location:


Storage and Expiration Info:

Store in a cool, dry place

Dimensions and Weight:

Qty: 1 per order

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