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Bedding for Guinea Pigs

Nap on bedding that's not comfy? No thanks. But no worries... our guinea pig bedding is super soft.

The best bedding around? You just found it.


Give your guinea pig the crème de la crème of bedding. From paper to pine pellets to aspen, Small Pet Select offers lots of options to keep your cavy comfy-cozy. Our bedding is top-of-the-line-quality with no irritants, no additives, and no dyes. What’s even better? All of our bedding is super absorbent, sludge free and low dust, making it safe and comfortable for small animals. Try our paper bedding options (we never use recycled print) if you want the most comfy. If you’re looking for a denser bedding, our kiln-dried pine pellets are a great option. We have top of the line aspen if you prefer a kiln-dried wood shaving. Want to win even more? Add your guinea pig bedding to an auto-ship order and save an extra 5% each time! 

Your cavy’s health is Small Pet Select’s #1 priority. We believe in our product so much that we have a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Have you ever experienced the “wow” factor? Well, when you buy our bedding, you will. And so will your guinea pig. And they’ll love you for it. That’s a win.

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