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Meadow Twist

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Product Highlights: 

  • Made from all-natural meadow grass, the Meadow Twist (one of the more popular toys at Small Pet Select!) is a perfect playtime toy for your little one to enjoy.
  • Promotes natural dental care by encouraging chewing, which can help to maintain healthy teeth and gums in small pets. It provides a satisfying texture that fulfills their natural instinct to gnaw.
  • Offers both enrichment and entertainment for your small pets by providing a stimulating activity that helps to alleviate boredom, keeping your pets mentally engaged and happy.
  • Crafted by hand and totally pesticide-free, we source these toys from a farm where EVERYTHING is organic and safe…never worry about toxins or residues.


A natural and delicious treat for your little one! Crafted with care, this unique chew toy is made from all-natural Meadow Grass and is the perfect playful chew toy for your furry friend.

We take pride in ensuring the highest quality for your pet's enjoyment and safety. Small Pet Select’s Meadow Twist is meticulously handcrafted and sourced exclusively from a trusted farm. This particular farm is dedicated to organic cultivation, guaranteeing a pesticide-free and toxin-free product. Say goodbye to worries about harmful residues or chemicals!

But what makes the Meadow Twist truly special is its mouthwatering goodness that your pet will surely love. With its natural texture, it satisfies your pet's gnawing instincts, promoting dental health and keeping their teeth and gums in excellent condition. Plus, it provides a delightful and engaging sensory experience for hours of entertainment and enrichment.

Want to learn more about how we make our healthy and totally organic chew toys by hand? Check out this video!


  • 100% Meadow Grass

Sourcing Location:

United States

Storage and Expiration Info:

Store in a dry place

Dimensions and Weight:

QTY: 1

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