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Herbs and Herbal Blends for Gerbils, Hamsters and Mice

Put a little pep in that step with some herbs. Variety is important. No one likes boring.

Furries of the world… spice up your life!


Buying herbs and herbal blends for your gerbils, your hamsters and your mice can be confusing. Option after option. Pick me. Buy me. Shop here. We’ve made it easier with our all-natural assortment. Healthy. Safe. Belinda approved. (And that says a lot.)

Small Pet Select believes that everything your animal chews, eats, inhales, stands on or comes in contact with has to be totally safe. Herbal blend after herbal blend, we’ve got it all. They’re actually so human-grade that you can make tea out of them. Buy ‘em. Try ‘em. You won’t be disappointed.

Put a little pep in that step with some Small Pet Select herbal blends. Variety is important. No one likes shopping boring stuff. (At least we certainly don’t.)

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