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Herbal Sampler - all five herbal blends to try!

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All The Details

Product Details: 

  • All Five Yummy Herbal Blends For Your Furry Friend To Enjoy.
  • Only Natural and Organic Ingredients Used.
  • Sampler Includes: Young At Heart, Vita-Licious, Zen Tranquility, Heavenly Green Crunch, & Flower Power Berry Boost.
  • Each type delivers its own unique benefits, aroma, and taste.

We recommend this product for: 

Perfect for adult rabbits and guinea pigs.


Each blend in the Small Pet Select Herbal Blend Sampler is crafted with care, only using the highest quality ingredients available. While each of the different blends provide specific health benefits for your furry friend, they all encourage your little one to forage while also providing a delicious whole food treat. While Zen Tranquility helps in soothing your small pet, Heavenly Green Crunch promotes healthy greens for a nutritional boost. You really do get it all!

These small animal herbal blends are made of whole foods. A whole food = something to eat that’s still in its natural state and is bioavailable. It’s still what it ever was. Nothing is taken out of the original plant. A whole food gives vitamins, minerals, enzymes, amino acids, fatty acids, and other micronutrients in a way the body needs them and understands them.

Feeding Instructions:  

Feed as a treat on its own, as a food topper or mix in hay to encourage foraging. Treats should be fed in moderation.


Sampler Includes:


2.5 oz each 

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