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Pelleted Food for Rabbits

Pelleted Food for Rabbits

Got A Rabbit? Food that will make your bunny binky below!

When you want to provide a little extra nutrition, pellets could be your answer. Plus, they're made with our own top-grade hay.

Keeping Your Bunny Healthy

Our bunny’s health (and safety), always comes first. They have complex needs and digestive systems, and these things require the right diet. It’s a balance, of course. 

The Importance of a Balanced Diet

Rabbit hay should make up about 80% of the diet. The other 20% should come from fresh greens and pellets. Remember though, pellets should only be used as supplemental rabbit food. Rabbits need a diet rich in hay and greens because these foods are rich in the nutrients they need to keep them healthy.

How To Choose The Correct Pellets For Your Bunny

Only choose a high-quality Timothy-hay based pellet. We can’t stress this enough. Stay away from junky pet store rabbit food pellets; they’re packed with unsafe ingredients and can cause obesity. These mixes may look appealing, but they don’t have the nutrients your rabbit deserves. And needs.

Fitting Pelleted Food Into The Daily Diet

Pellets should account for the smallest part of the diet. If you notice your bunny isn’t eating as much hay, cut back on the pelleted rabbit food.

How Much Pelleted Bunny Food Should You Give Daily?

While pellets aren’t necessary if you’re providing your rabbit with a diet rich in hay and greens, if your bunny loves them, you can feed 1/8 cup for a medium-sized rabbit once per day.

Serve An Unlimited Amount of Hay For Your Bun

Rabbits absolutely need access to hay 24/7. It’s the honest to goodness truth. Constant access helps prevent stasis. We want to keep those digestive systems moving. Plus, rabbit hay helps buns satisfy the natural urge to chew, and encourages their love of foraging and grazing. With all that hay-munching, those teeth will wear down. And that’s a good thing.

…And Don’t Forget Fresh Water

We know it’s obvious, but a friendly reminder never hurts. A rabbit should always have access to fresh water in a clean suspension bottle. No exceptions.

What Greens Should I Give My Rabbit?

There are tons of options. Some good ones are: dandelion greens, basil, parsley, mint, cilantro, deep colored lettuce varieties (romaine, arugula), cabbage leaves. The list goes on and on. Just make sure you do your homework before offering the rabbit food. Be safe, not sorry.

A rabbit’s diet is all about balance. Make sure hay is always accessible, healthy greens and veggies are fed, and if you so choose, a high-quality Timothy-based pellet is offered. The rabbit supplies you buy your bun matter. Balance = healthy. Healthy = Happy. And we like happy bunnies. 


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