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The Bunny Starter Pack

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  • High-quality “must-haves” for your rabbit.
  • Save money with the perfect welcome home package.

Learn more about the new bunny you've just brought home! Check out our Rabbit 101 Resource Page.

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This bunny starter pack is perfect for rabbits! 

Paragraph Description:

Bringing home a new rabbit? Yay! (And congrats!) Lots of us at Small Pet Select have rabbits, too, and thought it would be helpful for new bunny parents to add a bunny starter pack to our assortment. In it, you’ll find the basics of what you need to make your rabbit comfortable, happy, and healthy when you welcome them to their new home. So what’s in the bunny starter pack?

1. Rabbit Food Pellets: Ultra-Premium Timothy hay-based pellets fortified with all essential vitamins and minerals. These pellets are made in small batches with only the finest ingredients including hand-selected Small Pet Select Timothy hay.

2. Rabbit Hay (2nd Cut Timothy):Second cut Timothy is the stuff most people feed to their adult rabbits. It has just the right amount of protein and fiber. Your animal should have an unlimited supply of fresh hay at all times, to prevent GI stasis and digestive issues. Hay is also the main way our little friends keep those teeth worn down… so hay for everyone!

3. Rabbit Bedding (Soft Paper):Our soft paper bedding is made with unbleached virgin fiber. No additives, no dyes, and no irritants. Sludge free, and never recycled print. This rabbit bedding bedding is 99% dust free and is safe and comfortable for small pets.

Also included in our bunny starter pack are Pea Flakes (to be given as treat only!) , a 12” hanging mobile, and a pack of healthy snackers. #Nomnomnom.


  • 2 lbs. 2nd Cut Timothy Hay
  • 2 lbs. Premium Rabbit Food Pellets
  • 500 Grams - Pea Flakes
  • 12” Hanging Mobile
  • 2 oz. Healthy Snackers (Flavours Vary)
  • 56 L Soft Paper Bedding

Feeding Instructions: 

Small Pet Select Timothy based rabbit food is a premium rabbit pellet fortified with all of the essential vitamins and minerals that rabbits need to stay healthy. Small Pet Select rabbit food should always be fed in conjunction with an unlimited supply of high-quality grass hay. In addition, you should always provide access to clean water. Never feed old, moldy, or insect-infested feed as it may cause illness or death.

Storage and Expiration Info:

Store items in a cool, dry space.

Dimensions and Weights:

Varies per item. See ingredients.

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