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Chinchilla 4 Toy Sampler

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Product Highlights:

  • All-Natural
  • Helps Maintain Tooth Growth
  • Encourages Foraging Behavior
  • Save Money Buying Bundles!

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Our Chinchilla 4 Toy Sampler is perfect for… you guessed it… chinchillas!


Toy samplers are back! This time, species-specific. Our Chinchilla 4 Toy Sampler is great for chins who need a little extra stimulation. Ten apple chews, one willow chew ring, one honeysuckle vine ring, and twelve seagrass twists are included in this toy bundle.

Apple Chews:Your chinchilla will love to munch on these organic, air-dried applewood sticks. A totally natural treat, these chews help with keeping your chin mentally and physically stimulated.

Willow Chew Ring:Made entirely from unpeeled willow, this is a classic toy. For those with willow purist chinchillas, our willow chew ring is ideal. (FYI - this willow chinchilla toy is great fun to toss!)

Honeysuckle Vine Ring:This toy for chinchillas is truly irresistible. Honeysuckle is an absolute favorite thing for most little animals, too. It just doesn’t get any better. Our honeysuckle vine rings are totally pesticide-free and made by hand. We source these toys from a US farm where EVERYTHING is safe and organic. Never worry about toxins or residues. 

Seagrass Twists:Great quality and great value… it doesn’t get much better than these. Our seagrass twists are full of fun and goodness. Great as a reward for good behavior. (Or just as a nice treat. That works too.)


  • Apple Chews
  • Willow Chew Ring
  • Honeysuckle Vine Ring
  • Seagrass Twists

Sourcing Location: 

Virginia, USA

Storage and Expiration Info:

Store chinchilla toys in a dry place.


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