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Adopter's Gift - FREE 5lb Box of Hay!

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Our Happy Customers and their Pets!

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Adopters! You're awesome!

We want to say thanks for making the world a better place. As a thank you and congrats on your new fur baby, we're giving you a FREE box of your choice of hay!

Use your personal code that you receive from our partner rescue programs that you receive on your adoption day. Use code at checkout to claim your FREE box!

*This only applies to adopter's that adopted through our designated partners. This not open to the public. 

About our hay: 

Small Pet Select knows hay. Inside and out. We have close relationships with many hay farmers, and with more than 30 years of connections, you’re getting the best of the best. We personally choose the hay we like. We go to the fields, see the hay and smell the fresh crop. We hand pack each and every box that’s shipped to our customers. Our eyes are on everything… from the field to your door. We work hard to keep you as happy with us as your animal is with our products. Happy animals = happy parents. And we love that.

Having trouble deciding which is best for your furry friend? Every small animal is different...but don't worry! We know everything there is to know about hay! Read all about the different types of hay here. 








 Product Highlights:  

  • Orchard Hay: Excellent hay to encourage hay eating, and often a terrific solution for people with allergies to Timothy hay.
  • Alfalfa Hay: Use as treat to add interest to regular diet. This is also the hay young animals (under 1 year) need for healthy growth to adulthood.
  • 1st Cutting Timothy Hay: Animals with chronic GI issues or teeth that need to be worn down, animals who need to lose weight.
  • 2nd Cutting Timothy Hay: Gold standard for healthy adult small animals. Perfect ratio of nutrients for maintenance.
  • 3rd Cutting Timothy Hay: Add some to add interest to regular diet. Also perfect for animals suffering mouth pain, or animals who need to gain some weight.

We recommend this product for:

Our hay is perfect for rabbits, guinea pigs, and chinchillas


100% Orchard, Alfalfa, 1st Cutting Timothy Hay, 2nd Cutting Timothy Hay, 3rd Cutting Timothy Hay

Feeding Instructions:

80% of your friend's diet should be great hay. Small animals need a constant supply of fibre to keep them healthy, so never let them run out. Ever. To keep the hay smelling nice (which makes it yummier and more enticing), make sure they get a fresh supply at least once a day


*One free adoption box per household*

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