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Figure out what type of hay your

guinea pig needs

Guinea pigs are not famous for watching their diets, so we have to do that for them.

Making sure your cavy gets as much hay as possible - at least 80% of total diet - makes for a happy digesttive tract, fwere dental problems, and a healthier overall weight.

Is your piggy getting too much sugar?

You can cut down on sugary treats by giving herbal blends such as Vita-Licious. Hide little piles of herbs around the living area, and your guinea pig will have a puzzle to solve, a physical activity, and great nutritional variety too!

Or try some of our organic toys made for gnawing. They are always piggy pleasers!

Gotta get the bedding right! What type does your guinea pig prefer?

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Guinea pigs are quite chatty.

Do you know what your piggy is trying to tell you?

Find out about the wheek, the mutter (yes, guinea pigs do mutter), the hiss, and all the other guinea pig "words" right HERE.

Now you can be even better friends!

Now go have a little convo with your piggy.

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