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Guinea pigs are endearing and so darn cute! They make lovely friends, and we'd like to hang out with them all day long.

Caring for a cavy requires the right guinea pig supplies, like a variety of food for a balanced diet, safe soft bedding, and lots and lots of HAY! 

Hay Hay All Day Long!

The most important thing you'll find on this site?


Your piggy needs fresh hay all day, every day. So go check out all the types we offer, mix and match, and let your piggy do a little taste testing!

Bedding is so important to keep the living area comfy and dry. Using soft, aborbent bedding as a top layer helps prevent bumblefoot, sore hock, and urine scald. Try a bottom layer of wood pellet litter to keep even more moisture away from your cavy.

We've got 4 different types of bedding and litter to mix and match, so you can find what works best for your guinea pig.

Pelleted food

Supplemental pelleted guinea pig food, direct to your door at the click of a button. We use our own first-quality Timothy Hay in our pelleted food. No lesser quality hay for our customer piggies!

Is 2nd CUT TIMOTHY HAY right for your guinea pig?

What other hays could you consider?

Figure out what type of hay your Guinea Pig needs



Guinea pigs are not famous for watching their diets, so we have to do that for them.

Making sure your cavy gets as much hayas possible - at least 80% of total diet - makes for a happy digestive tract, fewer dental problems, and a healthier overall weight.


Guinea pigs are quite chatty.

Do you know what your piggy is trying to tell you?

Find out about the wheek, the mutter (yes, guinea pigs do mutter), the hiss, and all the other guinea pig "words" right HERE.

Now you can be even better friends!

Now go have a little convo with your piggy.

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