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Figure out what type of hay your
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Chinchilla Supplies For Your

Fun-Loving Friend

Chinchillas are soft, cuddly, and the perfect little companion. Their curious, energetic nature quickly makes them the center of attention, as do their big ears, inquisitive eyes, and mischievous personality.

If you’re bringing one of these little friends home, make sure you know which chinchilla supplies to buy so you have everything you need to take care of your furry friend. This includes fun-filled cages, well-balanced chinchilla food, yummy treats, and interactive toys!

First Item on the Chinchilla Supplies List: Food!

Chinchillas originally come from the Andes - a very specific mountain environment. They were built to thrive there, so they have pretty particular diets. They also love to chew!

Chinchillas can’t eat the broad variety of fruits and veggies that some other small animals can. Stick to hay, food (formulated just for them), very minimal treats, and you'll help them stay healthy and happy.

Finding Your Chinchilla the Perfect Home Base

Chinchillas are little climbers. They are mountain animals, so choose a cage with lots of levels — even our domestic chins love to go up, up, up!

Your chinchilla cage should also include a food-grade bowl, a food-safe water bottle, lots of hiding spots, plenty of things to chew, and a poop pan. And don’t be afraid to give your little guy or gal some space. Chins love cages that are at least four feet wide.

Not sure where to start when building your new chinchilla’s cage? Try buying your pet supplies online. Shopping online isn’t just for department store sales and household supplies... it can be for your critters, too!

Chinchilla Toys

Toys and other fun additions are up next on your chinchilla supplies list. Chins are smart, curious, and love to have fun. Toys will help keep them entertained and out of trouble. Watching your chinchilla spin, jump, and bounce around is one of the cutest things ever. There are few things more joyful than a happy little chinchilla!

Chinchillas love towers, ledges, balls to chase, chew toys, and wheels to spin on. When buying chinchilla supplies, just imagine a teeny, tiny fun-loving cat combined with an adventurous hamster. There... you have a chinchilla!

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