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Soft Paper Bedding

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Small Pet Select Premium Paper Based Bedding is soft and absorbent. Made with unbleached VIRGIN FIBRE.


Our paper is not from the potentially dangerous leftovers from reclaimed paper production (called "sludge", which has detectable levels of dioxin in it).  Our paper is not from recycled paper that has been printed on, either (which can also have toxic residues).  It is left over food grade material, no trees are directly being cut down to manufacture the bedding. It's referred to as virgin as it has not been previously used for anything. Ours is 100% all natural paper bedding. 

Our bedding is 99% dust free and is safe and comfortable for small pets.  No additives, no dyes, no irritants!


56L (16L-compressed) - Large Size

178L Usable Volume (52L-compressed) - Jumbo Size

*Weight will always vary, actual size is determined by usable volume NOT weight. The density of bedding may change, natural bedding is heavier than white bedding. However, even within the same type, the weight will differ.




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