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Aspen shavings bedding

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All The Details

Product Highlights:

  • 100% All-Natural
  • Wood Shavings from Logs
  • Heat-Treated
  • No Additives, Dyes or Irritants
  • 100% Recyclable and Compostable; Good for your Pet, Good for the Planet

We recommend this product for:

Our aspen bedding is great for rabbits, guinea pigs, chinchillas, gerbils, hamsters,  and other small animals.

Veterinary Disclaimer


Our Aspen bedding is the crème de la crème… the best small pet bedding you’re gonna find (if you’re looking for aspen that’s safe and natural, that is). 100% all-natural aspen made from wood shavings, our bedding…. well, it just rocks.

First, our Aspen shavings bedding is totally soft… it’s the soft fluffy stuff. And that’s oh so important for our animals. Comfy is key.

Now let’s talk about safety; the most important thing to consider when deciding on a bedding. Our aspen shavings bedding is sludge-free, so please… don’t worry about phenols! Our aspen is shaved off of logs, not reconstituted from the sludge that paper mills put out from their factories. This is right from the tree; shaved and heat-treated. No additives, no dyes, and no irritants. None. Zero. So sleep soundly. You don’t have to worry about respiratory problems or other health issues.

P.S. We recommend removing damp spots or soiled areas between changes and replacing the aspen bedding every one to two days (or fluffing to prevent large damp areas where your animal stands). Damp bedding can cause urine scald.


100% heat-dried aspen shavings

Sourcing Location: 

Nebraska, USA

Storage and Expiration Info:

Store in a dry place.

Dimensions: Measured by volume not by weight

Sizes: 41 L, 113 L

41 L Aspen bedding 15 x 12 x 6, 41 L expands to 1.45 cu ft.

113 L Aspen Bedding 24 x 16 x 10, 113 L expands to 4 cu ft. 

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