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Hi all you terrific rescues!

Here's where you sign up, fill out, download, and otherwise make use of all 

our programs.  We'd love to see you involved with each and every opportunity!

Get added to our Donate Every Time list.

Our customers can choose a favorite rescue and have 2% of Small Pet Select's profits for every purchase that customer makes go right to the rescue as a cash donation.

Set up a wish list so our customers can buy you stuff on our site.

Every rescue needs water bowls, litter boxes, pens, food, hay, toys...all kinds of things, all the time.  Now, our customers can find your publicly viewable wish list on our site, easily add things to their cart for you, and we ship, 

Get your own link to put out there in the world, Every time someone purchases through that link, 5% of the profits comes back to you.

We'll supply the link, and you just put it out there.  The more you put it in front of people, the bigger your donation check should be!  Use it in your email signature, in your blog posts, on Facebook, on your web site - any digital place you can put it.  Super easy!


You can use any of this content - easily.

Blogs, videos, memes, all kinds of stuff for you to use.  We know you've got animals to care for, and probably everyone is a volunteer.  There just isn't time to do it all!  Share or download any of this in a click or two.  We'll keep updating the content too!

Put yourself on the map.

Make your presence known by making sure you are listed on our locator map.  We've got not only rescues, but veterinarians and other resources as well!

Need products for an upcoming event?

Here's an easy form to fill out and we'll try to send you some items to put in raffle baskets or support other event activities.

Get your volunteers some special recognition.

We'll be highlighting an outstanding volunteer every month.  Give your fantastic helpers a shout out - tell us about them!  Volunteers of the Month get a little present for their rescue, too...

Let us know about very special adopters.

Sometimes an adopter is just super special.  Maybe they are taking on an animal they know has special needs (like maybe they are buying the fuzzy a wheelchair, or did special therapy).  Sometimes the adopter themselves is outstanding in some way (found this abandoned rabbit while camping, he came in and snuggled with me and that was it.)  We are looking for the unique, the out-of-the-box stories.  Adopters chosen get a little giftie, and so does the rescue who tells us about them.

Find volunteers!

We can't take any credit for this service, but we do think it is great and wanted to let you know about it.  It is free, and it is comprehensive.  What a brilliant idea!

Buy things for your own rescue at a discount.  Save your $$ for the vet bills.

There's never enough money in the budget, or supplies on hand.  We help by giving you  a full 20% off any supplies you buy from us for your rescue animals.

Did we miss anything?  If you've got a different idea of how we could help, just let us know!

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