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Figure out what type of hay your rabbit needs

Rabbits are smart, active, and so full of mischief! Raising a happy and healthy bunny is easy with the right rabbit supplies, like a variety of food for a balanced diet, a safe and spacious habitat, and toys and games to promote natural funny bunny behaviors.

To the right, check out our video for a talk given by our Rabbit Guru, Wolf, at Midwest Bunfest in beautiful Columbus, OH. We had a blast talking about ways to give your rabbit all the mental and physical stimulation they need to live their fullest rabbity lives (plus, save yourself some headaches, too!)

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Gotta get the bedding right! What type does your rabbit prefer?

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If you’re a first-time bunny parent, congratulations! We have everything you’ll need to keep your new best friend happy and healthy. Just wait until you see your rabbit get the zoomies for the first time – it’s just one of the many sweet ways your bunny will show you his or her awesome personality.

Each and every small animal has their own unique set of needs, but don’t worry! Let’s go over some of the basics first-time rabbit parents should know, including the rabbit food and essential rabbit supplies you’ll need.


Your new rabbit needs a lot (and we mean a lot!) of forage and greens in his or her diet to stay healthy. While most people think that small animals require pelleted food, that’s actually just a myth. When provided with a diet of hay and greens, small animals — including bunnies — will thrive. Think of pelleted food as a complement to a well-balanced diet made up of mostly Timothy Hay. If you do provide your rabbit with pelleted food, consider using Timothy-based pellets along with tons of fresh small animal hay. And, as always, give your rabbit 24/7 access to fresh water, and refresh it daily.


Bunnies require a good amount of space and always do best indoors; do not place your rabbit’s habitat outside,as they are extremely sensitive to temperature, not to mention predators and other dangers. Inside your home, keep your bunny in a nice cool area of your house — not too hot, but not too cold, either. Many pet parents choose to litter box training their rabbits and this can be successfully accomplished with time and patience. We suggest sprinkling some Timothy Hay inside the litter box or hanging a hay manger next to it to encourage a little snacking while using the litter box. Also, remember to regularly change your pet’s bedding to maintain optimal health.  


Rabbits are curious creatures and they love to play with toys that promote their natural need to chew (and file down teeth) and tug! Bunnies especially love hanging hay mobiles and other similar toys to pull on to satisfy those rrabbity instincts.  


All rabbits, regardless of their breed, require a certain level of grooming. Bunnies must be brushed weekly to aid in their shedding process and to prevent them from ingesting too much of their own fur, which can cause serious health risks. Pick a day of the week that you can devote to giving your furry friend some extra TLC with a light brushing.

Having a rabbit is a unique and fulfilling experience, as these small creatures are packed with personality. You’ll quickly find that with the right rabbit supplies, caring for your bunny will become like second nature to you.

Let's go find some fresh hay for your best little friend!  

Have you met our Spokesrabbit, Belinda? She hacks into our systems, comes up with product ideas, manages a novelist, and much more. We’re convinced her quirky attitude will have you in stitches in no time. You can check out all her profound bunny thoughts over on her blog where she talks everything from office politics to her very favorite rabbit supplies.

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