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Value Choice Hay

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Product Highlights: 

  • This is the lowest priced per lb. of any hay product on the market!
  • The product may be a slight mix (timothy hay with a little bit of oat hay mixed in, for example) or may have slightly more brown.  It doesn’t quite meet the quality standards for some of our other products – but it is still great hay at an excellent value!
  • We believe it is still better than the majority of the hay products on the market, at the lowest price per pound on the market. 
  • We did this because we believe a big part of our mission is to make sure that every pet gets the fibre they need, as it is so important for their dental and digestive health. 


We recommend this product for:

Value Choice Hay is perfect for rabbits, guinea pigs, and chinchillas.


Our mission with the Value Choice hay product is to offer small animals everywhere the best possible hay at a fraction of the price. Fresh hay is critical for your small pet's health and should make up about 80% of their diet. Among so many other health benefits, hay is an excellent source of fibre which is crucial in maintaining a healthy gut and good general digestive functions. Great hay is also vital for your small pet's dental health because it prevents their teeth from becoming overgrown and problematic.

Our plan with the Value Choice product is to offer you the very best possible hay at a fraction of the price. This is hay that did not quite make the cut for our other products for one reason or another, but as the product description says...we consider it a great value!

It’s important to understand this hay will be switching and will not always be the same. Sometimes it may be a mixed hay for example, sometimes it may be an issue with a little bit extra brown leaf or some other minor blemish.



The Value Choice is not covered by our Picky Pet Promise 100% satisfaction guarantee.  

This product is offered at the lowest break -even price point in an effort to provide a quality hay in service to passionate small animal owners looking for ways to save money on their pet supplies. The 100% Satisfaction Guarantee also does not apply to this product; no further discounts may be applied.

Feeding Instructions: 

80% of your friend's diet should be great hay. Small animals need a constant supply of fibre to keep them healthy, so never let them run out. Ever. To keep the hay smelling nice (which makes it yummier and more enticing), make sure they get a fresh supply at least once a day. 


Sourcing Location: 

Pacific Northwest, USA

Storage and Expiration Info:

Store in a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight.

Dimensions & Weight:

8lb (3.63kg)



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