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Oat and Maize Wreath

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Introducing our festive and delightful Christmas-themed small pet select product: the Green Oat Wreath with Maize Bow! Make this holiday season extra special for your furry friends with a charming and delicious treat that's as adorable as it is tasty.

Crafted with care, our Green Oat Wreath features a lush, vibrant green oat base that's been expertly formed into a festive wreath shape. To add a touch of holiday cheer, we've adorned it with a beautifully hand-tied maize bow, adding an extra layer of visual appeal that will have your pets and their tiny guests in awe.

But what sets our Green Oat Wreath apart is not just its charming appearance, but its commitment to natural ingredients. The rich green color of the oat wreath and the maize bow are achieved using antioxidant anthocyanin pigments that these plants produce naturally. This means that your pets can indulge in a safe, healthy, and visually stunning treat that's free from artificial dyes or harmful additives.

With dimensions measuring approximately 3 inches in diameter, our Green Oat Wreath is the perfect size for small pets, ensuring they can enjoy a taste of the holiday season without overindulging. Whether you have a rabbit, guinea pig, hamster, or any other small pet, this wreath will add a touch of Christmas magic to their habitat.

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