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Who We are

Small Pet Select is a small, family owned business that partners with a strong team of peoplewho are dedicated to delivering the best quality products and care for you and your pet. Our UK warehouse opened in 2018 and we've been thrilled to bring goodies to our furry friends across the pond ever since!

meet the team

Small Pet Select wouldn't be the company it is today without the people behind the brand that work hard day in and day out. Meet the rest of the team and learn about their favourite small animal essential products!

UK Warehouse Team

James Harkess

UK Warehouse Manager

James is native to Scotland and has two adorable dogs, Midnight and Marley, that help him keep the warehouse in order.

James manages inventory & helps create marketing campaigns. He makes sure all things run smoothly at the warehouse...we're not sure what we'd do without him!


His favourite product is the Sampler Box.

Joe Davies

UK Warehouse Operator & Hay Expert

Joe is originally from Cornwall and enjoys a bit of adventure and travel in his spare time. We're very happy he's decided to call Scotland home.

Joe ensures that each box is packed and collected the same day you purchase. He's the reason why your furry friend get's to enjoy their goodies so quickly!

His favourite product is the Pea Flakes.


Cameron Healy

UK Warehouse Operator

From Livingston, Scotland (where our warehouse is located) Cameron is the youngest member of the UK team and sprinkles in a nice youthful feel to the workplace.


When he isn't smashing out orders for your fluffy friends you can find him obsessing over his biggest passion...MMA.


His favourite product is the 2nd Cutting Timothy Hay.

Billy Gordon

Founder & Owner

Billy was the driving force that got Small Pet Select off the ground, and the reason we exist today!

Billy's favourite is the 2nd Cut Timothy Hay.

Laurie Gordon


Laurie's guinea pig, Lizzy, is the reason that Small Pet Select came to life.

Laurie's favourite product is the Non-GMO, Guinea Pig Pellets.

Bill Gordon

Co-Owner & CEO

Bill is our CEO, Chicken Master, and Tractor Driver. He's loves all small pets, but his chickens are his favorite.

Bill's favourite product is the Chicken Scratch.


Dajon Demille

Warehouse Manager

Dajon keeps everything at our Washington warehouse operating smoothly. When he's not making sure your orders are out the door, you'll find him hanging out with his family and furry friends.

His favourite product is the Digging Platform.

Nick Cook

Exports Account Manager

Nick has grown with us since the beginning. He is in charge of sourcing excellent products, and keeping things running smoothly.

Nick's favourite product is the Cat Litter.

Deaira Gordon

UK Operations Manager

Deaira grew up in hay country, and then hopped across the pond to head up our UK operations.

Her favourite product is the Soft Paper Bedding.

Mackenzie Knutson

Administrative Bookkeeper

Mackenzie keeps the bus moving. She is behind the scenes and vital for organization & bill paying.

Her favourite product is the Dried Carrot Slices.

Demaris Pence

Inventory & Product Manager

Demaris lives in Ellensburg, WA and has her biology degree. She loves tossing a ball for her dog.

Her favourite product is the Hay & Twig Mobile.

Marketing Team

Shelia Gibson

AmbassadorHead Honcho

Shelia is our Ambassador program manager. She builds our Small Pet Select community, and has a passion for animals.

Her favourite product is the Herbal Sampler.

Megan Cottane

Marketing Specialist

Megan is our Instagram guru. She has a bunny and a beagle, that love to go on adventures together.

Her favourite product is the Orchard Hay.

Naamah Stockdale

Marketing Director

Naamah is from Ellensburg, WA. She enjoys being outdoors and playing fetch with her dog Bentley.

Her favourite product is the Willow Ball

Shelby Stone

Social Media Associate

Shelby has a farm of her own, made up of chickens, horses, rabbits and more. She is our social media queen.

His favourite product is the Chicken Oyster Shell.

Jessica Sullivan


Jessica is our expert writer that covers all things chicken and care guides. 

Her favourite product is the Heavenly Green Crunch.

Customer Service

Britney Thomas

Customer Service

Britney lives in Ellensburg, WA and spends most of her free time going on adventures with her son, Gavin.

She's a customer service extraordinaire and also does a lot behind the scenes. We're not sure what we'd do without her!

Her favourite is the Timothy Hay Cubes.

Carrie Oswald

Customer Service

Carries loves pets and people.

She has three cats, two rabbits, and a box turtle named Clint.

Her favourite product is the Ball Trio.

Grace Grant

Customer Service Manager

Grace is the one behind the customer service desk that keeps everyone happy!

Her favourite product is the Grub Bugs.

Warehouse & PRoduct Team

Josh Price

Product Acquisition and Sales Manager

Josh is Small Pet Select's east coast Operations Manager, and also our New Product Acquisitions Manager.

His favourite product is the Alfalfa Hay Cube.


Michael Catrambone

Warehouse Manager

Michael manages the Warehouse for Small Pet Select in Louisville KY.

Michael's motto: “Work Hard and Be Nice to People”. We agree.

His favourite product is the Big Hay Manger.

James Harkess

UK Warehouse Manager

James is a UK native. He has two adorable dogs, that assist him in the warehouse.

James manages inventory & helps create marketing campaigns.

His favourite product is the Apple Wood Chew Sticks

Our Amazing Warehouse Team

These guys are behind getting our shipments out on time and packing the orders to ensure our customers and their small pets are happy and fed.


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