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Meet The Small Pet Select Team: Hooman and Otherwise        

Small Pet Select started back in 2012 because Lizzie the guinea pig wouldn't eat her hay.

Owner Laurie Gordon had adopted a sweet little cavy, and named her Lizzie. This little piggy was picky, though, and would not eat hay. Laurie tried all the store brands, but Lizzie refused them all. Laurie knew Lizzie needed hay to stay healthy, so she worried. Tried more brands. Worried more.

Her son Billy got an idea. The family lived in Ellensburg WA, the hay capital of the world! Surely Billy would be able to find hay Lizzie would eat happily. He brought the guinea pig nice fresh Washington hay, and she chowed down.

Billy says it is funny looking back: here they all were living in the valley with the best hay farms on earth, and his Mom was buying little plastic bags od dry stale hay. He figured there must be other animal caretakers all over the country facing this same problem, and he was in the perfect place to fix it.

Billy began sending samples out, and long story short, people (and animals) LOVED the hay and asked Billy to make it available in bigger quantities.

Here we are, six years later! Still a small company, still family owned. But we've grown up some, and we've got a great future ahead!


Billy Gordon

Billy Gordon, Owner

Billy was the driving force that got Small Pet Select off the ground, and the reason we exist today!

Bill Gordon

Bill Gordon, CEO

He's shy, and didn't give us a bio yet. We're working on him...

Laurie Gordon

Laurie Gordon, Owner

Laurie is even shyer! We may not be able to pull this bio off. Stay tuned.


Cindy DeWoody, Bookkeeper/Administrative Assistant

Cindy DeWoody is our Bookkeeper/Administrative Assistant to the CEO.   She is no stranger to the Kittitas Valley! She brings knowledge to Small Pet Select with 27 years of experience in Banking, Accounting and Office Management. Cindy and her husband Charlie have also raised Quarter Horses and have grown Timothy Hay. Now on to a new challenge of raising Miniature Donkeys. Cindy states, “They are funny animals with very distinct personalities!” She claims to be a country girl at heart, and an animal lover extraordinaire!



Jessica Sullivan, Customer Service Manager

Jessica is our Customer Service Manager. A U.S. military veteran, the Online Content Manager for Southwest Florida House Rabbit Rescue, and an Adult Educator, she has vast experience interacting with people and animals from all over the world.   A proud Mom to two bonus 2-legged kids and six 4-legged kids, she enjoys home improvement projects and traveling with her hubby. Jessica spends way too much time on social media chatting with friends and shopping online, but when she steps away from the screen she loves cooking, gardening, crochet, sewing, and going to classic rock and country concerts.


Brooke Bryan, Customer Service Representative

Brooke has worked numerous jobs, ranging from a children's boutique owner to a film extra. She is a North Carolina native, graduating from North Carolina State University. Brooke's main focuses are her fur babies! One angel bunny, a rescue New Zealander bun, and a Goldendoodle keep her on her toes every day. She is extroverted, prefers high heels to flats any day, adores Garth Brooks, is obsessed with anything bunny related, and loves to bake!


Shelia Gibson, Customer Service Representative and Ambassador Program Head Honcho  

Shelia is, well, private. Come on out and play, Shelia!


Grace Grant, Customer Service Representative

A former Flight Attendant, Grace retired after a 36 year flying career with a major U.S. carrier. Mother to 5 young ladies, 1 dog and 2 adorable bunnies, Grace enjoys spending time with her family, cooking, reading, flea market shopping and traveling. Her glass is always half-full, and she believes in staying positive :)

Eliza Loovis, Customer Service Representative

Eliza lives in Colorado with her husband, two kids, a dog, and three bunnies. She and her daughter volunteer at their local rabbit rescue, where they are constantly being charmed by all the buns, and learning something new. Eliza is an avid paddle boarder, a yoga lover (with humans and bunnies!), loves cooking, and is outdoors every chance she gets.


Carrie Oswald, Customer Service Representative

Carrie is a former computer engineer in the telecommunications Industry. She took hiatus to raise her son and daughter and found herself happily consumed by school volunteering, Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, being a soccer mom (cross country mom, track mom, …), and volunteering in animal rescue at a domestic rabbit shelter. Besides her hooman kids and husband, she also has three cats, two rabbits, and a box turtle named Clint. Guess who won the tortoise and the hare race? 🙂 🐢 🐰




Although Belinda is new to the communications field, she has years of experience as a rabbit. She hails from New Zealand (she claims). We can't hear any accent. Make of that what you will.   We can get Belinda to agree to just about any task for some alfalfa. You can see her furry little knees go weak when alfalfa is even mentioned. Pumpkin gets no love, however.. "Icky ptooie."


Abigail, Novelist in Residence

Abigail is a fiction writer, and admits that most of her work is based on her life and the lives of those close to her. She is a tiny girl with big ideas, and wants to use her new position to help people understand the perspective of all small animals. Our novelist reports to Belinda, who has inspired Abigail to take herself seriously as a writer and a professional.


julia rivera-knoblock, graphic designer

Julia has captured our hearts with her incredible designs. We don't know where she finds the time, but she is also active in rabbit rescue. She lives in her hometown of San Diego with her personal rabbits and sanctuary fosters. Julia's love of animals is clear in everything she does for us, and she's also super nice to work with!


Katherine Milligan, writer & media scheduler

Meet Katherine! After 8 years in corporate retail, she's back to what she loves: writing. A lover of all things furry, Katherine lives with her human family and Harold, her 17 year old doggy. Katherine's daughter thinks this is the coolest job a mom could have.



nick cook, sales and distribution manager

Nick grew up in Central Washington State. He is an outdoor guy, enjoying hiking, golfing, and snowboarding. Most of all, though he likes hanging out with his newborn son, Kasen. Nick worked with Billy Gordon (Nick’s cousin and founder of Small Pet Select) baling hay the summer after graduating from high school, and that hot itchy summer provided a great insight into the entire harvesting process from field to barn. Nick came to Small Pet Select back in 2012, and not long afterwards Billy and he were on the road, driving cross-country to open our second location in Louisville, KY. Nick says: "It’s been exciting to watch the company grow and change as it has. We take a lot of pride not only in the high quality of our product but at providing our customers the best overall experience. Another gratifying aspect has been our relationship with all the different rescues/shelters around the country, working directly with them at providing much needed and appreciated donations. It is our hope we can continue to make a positive difference for all pet owners out there!”   Quick with a joke, Nick keeps us laughing. At least, he did, until his son was born recently. Now he mostly yawns, and drinks coffee to stay awake.


Duncan Hansberry, Warehouse Manager and Toy Elf

Duncan was born and raised here in Ellensburg. Besides working for us, he is currently attending Central Washington University. For three years he worked in a cabinet shop. Now he works with the Small Pet Select team where he spends his days coming up with and building new wood toys for small pets around the world. Outside of work he enjoys playing basketball and spending time with friends. You can't see it in the picture, but his ears are becoming kinda pointy. He's growing in to his position. We're sure of it.



James grew up in Seattle, WA and moved with his family to Yakima as a teenager, then to Ellensburg to start working with my cousin at Small Pet Select. He is one of the people who pack our hay, pellets, and other goodies by hand.   In his time off he gets outdoors to do some fishing. and likes to go to concerts to see his favorite artists perform live.



Logistics whiz Leah organizes the shipping from the Ellensburg location. In her spare time, she enjoys spending time with her family, friends, and her furry best friends. She also enjoys spending time in the garage working on her truck.



Cody uses all his free time to be with his dog Gracie, so no bio from him. Gracie thinks this makes sense.



Josh Price, Product Acquisition and Sales Manager

Josh is Small Pet Select's east coast Operations Manager, and also our New Product Acquisitions Manager. Try fitting all that on a business card. Josh has been in the animal health industry for more than 25 years. When he’s not tied to his desk and phone, he enjoys volunteering and heading to the lake with his wife and kids. He could talk a rabbit out of a carrot patch with his sweet Kentucky accent. It is his secret weapon in team meetings.


Michael Catrambone, Warehouse Operations Manager

Michael is the proud father of two and a devoted husband (he actually says his wife is amazing. All the time. Totally sweet.) Michael manages the Warehouse for Small Pet Select in Louisville KY. Michael's motto: “Work Hard and Be Nice to People”. We agree.



Charles was born and raised in Atlanta, Georgia, His daughter, Jemiah Alexandra Roland, is the light of his life.. The two of them enjoy bowling, basketball, football, golf, and reading books. Charles' goal is to one day become a business owner and build wealth for his daughter. Charles says "Everything I do is for her."


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