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2018 RH Nominations

2018 Rescue Heroes Contest

Woo hoooooo!

It is time to submit your nominations for the 2018 Rescue Heroes Contest!

Every rescuer is a hero. No question about that...and there are heroes working across the country every single day and night.

September 15 through October 8 is your time to tell us about someone you know who has had an impact on the rescue world.

The person or organization you nominate may have identified a logistical problem, and solved it creatively. Or maybe your nominee stepped up in an emergency and pulled off a bit of a miracle. Maybe your nominee did something that wasn't directly hands on with the animals, but stepped in to reach the community with a new kind of campaign that reached more people, or found new business partners.

We can all learn new skills and solutions when we get together and share!



  • Individual Person - a single volunteer helping any small animal species, 3 winners*
  • Rescue Organization - an organization helping any small animal species, 3 winners**


Each of the winners gets $3500!* ** (Six total winners for a total of $21,000 to help rescues!)

*The individuals who win choose a registered 501(c)3 to receive their prize. No funds will be disbursed to individuals, only to registered 501(c)3 organizations. Winnings can be designated for organizations for which the winner does not volunteer directly. If the winner is not a volunteer at a registered non-profit with 501(c)3 status, the prize money can be designated for any small animal rescue anywhere in the US that does have legal non-profit status.

**Organizations who win must be 501(c)3 organizations or direct their winnings to another small animal rescue in the US who is a registered non-profit. No funds will be disbursed to organizations without a 501(c)3 status.


You can nominate in both categories. You can nominate more than one individual or rescue in a category. But you can't nominate a particular individual or organization more than once. We'll zap you for ballot stuffing!

PLEASE DO NOT NOMINATE THE SAME PERSON OR ORGANIZATION MULTIPLE TIMES, as this will mean your nominations are marked as invalid.  You should nominate a specific individual or organization only once per category.  If someone else nominates that same person or organization, it is fine.


All individual nominees must be over 18 years of age, and must be willing to do interviews (incl. pictures and video) for public use. Their activity in rescue must be verifiable.

All organizations should be verifiable with a web presence, and have a responsive main contact person.


Once we get all the nominations in, we'll convene a panel to choose finalists. We'll choose ten finalists in each category, based on number of nominations they received, stories shared with us, photos, and more.

Then, we'll open up voting from October 22 through November 19.

You'll see lots of posts, a big note on our site, and links in our emails during the voting period. We'll invite everyone to go to a voting site and cast their ballots! We'll make it easy to share the links to the voting page, so everyone can spread the word like mad. Keep an eye out - it is always an exciting time!


Thanksgiving Day (November 22, 2018), we'll make the big anouncement. We'll list the winners for all 4 categories.

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