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Special Holiday Deals Will Cause Binkies and Popcorning!

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2.5 oz Zen Tranquility Blend
2 oz Berry Basil Health Snacker
1 lb Timothy Hay Cubes
2.1 oz Forest Sticks
2.8 oz Meadow Loops
2.1 oz Garden Sticks
2.8 oz Woodland Loops
2 oz Dried Strawberry
2 oz Fried Carrot
10 lb 2nd Cut Timothy Hay

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1 Braided Maize Hanging Mobile
1 Meadow Ball
1 set of 4 Oat Fidget Sticks
12 oz 3rd Cut Timothy Hay
1 Okra Pod
1 Meadow Twist
1 Sea Grass Mat

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1 Hay Sampler Box (approx 8 lb)
1 lb Timothy Hay Cubes
1 Rye Twist
1 Meadow Twist
1 Will Chew Ring

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1 Ball Trio (set of 3 balls)
1 Honeysuckle Ring
2.5 oz Vita-Licious Daily Superfoods
2.8 oz Meadow Loops
20 lb 2nd Cut Timothy Hay

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