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Figure out what type of hay your

chinchilla needs

Chinchillas originally come from the Andes - a very specific mountain environment. They were built to thrive there, so they have pretty particular diets.

Chinchillas can't eat the broad variety of fruits and veggies that some other small animals can.  

Wondering what the basics of good nutrition for chinchillas looks like? Read all about it HERE.


Gotta get the bedding right! What type does your Chinchilla prefer?

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Chinchillas are climbers! They are mountain animals, and even our domestic chins love to go up up up.

We've got to keep that in mind when we "decorate" their living areas.

Giving the chins lots of levels to jump on and cimb on is one of the best things you can do for your little friend.

Find out how to set up a great chinchilla area HERE.

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